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Parshe Macher Jhal Shorshe Recipe Begun Diye | Parshe Macher Jhol | Bengali Parshe Fish Curry Recipe

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Shorshe diye parshe macher jhol (or parshe macher jhal) is a simple and delectable Bengali fish curry. Here, fresh parshe is simmered in a potent and flavourful mustard gravy. This Bengali fish-curry recipe is easy to prepare, insanely delicious, and requires only a handful of ingredients. The star of the show is, of course, fresh parshe. A freshwater catch with a soft sheen, parshe (a kind of mullet) is identifiable by its small, triangular mouth and slender shape. The fish is soft, flaky, and sweet to the taste—all of which are perfectly complemented by the fiery, potent flavours from the mustard gravy.

This parshe macher jhal recipe is rather simple. The only finicky bit is grinding mustard seeds to a smooth paste until completely non-grainy. We’re using a mix of yellow and black mustard for a balance of flavour and sharpness. Besides fresh parshe, this recipe uses dal’er bori (sun-baked lentil dumplings) and brinjal, both of which soak up the flavourful curry, and provide a contrast of tastes and textures to this warm, comforting parshe macher jhol.

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Bengali fish recipes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5A-wXBJh6iI&list=PLGX3dcCcJDYwjlU4siuZue-RG5q-BGmOz

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