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Bondhu Tor Pirite Mon Mojaiya | Best of Miss Liton | বন্ধু তোর পিরিতে মন মজাইয়া

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সাবস্ক্রাইব করুনঃ https://goo.gl/DNrz49
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Song: বন্ধু তোর পিরিতে মন মজাইয়া ...... না বুঝিয়া না শুনিয়া কি যে আমার হইলো.........!

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According to Wikipedia, "Bhawaiya (Bengali: ভাওয়াইয়া) is a musical form or a popular folk music in Northern Bangladesh, especially Rangpur District and in Cooch Behar, Jalpaiguri, part of Darjeeling and North Dinajpur district of West Bengal and Dhubri and Goalpara of Assam in India. These area were covered by Kamtapur state and so for the song also Kamtapuri language is used. This folk song is sung traditionally both solo and by chorus".

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