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Bangladeshi Bhetki Fish Curry - Barramundi - Khulna city

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How to make a Bangladeshi Bhetki/Barramundi fish curry.

On only my second day in the country with the help of my new friend/guide/translator Badsha Reza i meet up with chef Sazan from Cloud 9 restaurant in Khulna city for a lesson.

I am so appreciative of Cloud 9 allowing me to make this video and to move their kitchen outside so i had better light to work with. If you're ever near Khulna go and check it out. It's a really smart restaurant that's good for impressing people!

For as long as i can remember i have been fascinated by Indian food. The takeaways delivered in foil containers from the local tandoori were nothing short of magical and I have spent over a decade trying to find out how to recreate these curries found in Indian restaurants in the UK.

My curry obsession led me to quit my job and spend a year in India eating everything in sight and learning a little bit too, which i want to share.

This is part of a series of video recipes showing how meals are cooked in both restaurants and homes in India and Bangladesh. They are a window into someone else's kitchen and not influenced by myself. I find recipes on TV and in newspapers in England have often been adapted to reduce the amount of chillies as well as the amount of spices, salt or oil. I found this misleading and unhelpful in my curry cooking quest so instead i will just recommend using less chilli if you're not used to it. Reducing the oil often means the ingredients aren't cooked properly by the oil and are more like being boiled. And that is less likely to give you that strong savoury spicey smell. Just before serving you can sometimes spoon some oil off the top or dip some kitchen towel to absorb excess oil if you like.

Filming there was much harder than i was expecting. Communicating what i wanted to achieve was difficult and minimizing background noise and obstructions and interjections from crowds of onlookers was often futile. I had not used a video camera before and i learnt the hard way why it might be useful to have a cameraman, a separate mic, a tripod, a light and more than one lens! So i'm sorry these videos aren't better and i just hope they are of some interest or use.

I travelled alone and relied on offers of help to hold the camera, translate for me and try to find suitable locations to film. I am indebted to all of the people who helped me and a little bit of the subcontinent will always be in my heart.

I kept a blog of my travels which can be found below. I've only got about a third of the way through posting all of the stories up.


Nick IF

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